Pneumatic fitting/G-Thread Fitting/air fittings/(PC/PL/PB/PH)

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Salid
Certification ISO9001:2008
Model Number Air fittings
Minimum Order Quantity 200
Price 0.2
Packaging Details Case and paper box
Delivery Time 15days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 200000
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Product Description

Pneumatic fittings are used in pneumatic piping. The tube fittings come in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping. Even after installation, the direction of the tube can be changed freely
1. Simple and smart, kinds of models, so it can meet any string pipe requirement.
2. Even if installed, plastic pipe can rotate at random.
3. Release ring adopts ellipse design, so convenient in removing.
4. All taper pipe threads paint Teflon leakage-proof rubber, so seal property is good.
5. All TPC type directly connects hexagonal socket hole of grading belt, so it is convenient to install in the narrow.
Nickel-plated metal body ensures anti-corrosion and anti-contamination. All R and NPT threads are pre-coated sealant.

PC 4-M5
PC 6-G04
PC 10-G03
PC 4-M6
PC 8-G01
PC 10-G04
PC 4-G01
PC 8-G02
PC 12-G01
PC 4-G02
PC 8-G03
PC 12-G02
PC 6-G01
PC 8-G04
PC 12-G03
PC 6-G02
PC 10-G01
PC 12-G04
PC 6-G03
PC 10-G02


PL 04-M5
PL 06-G04
PL 10-G03
PL 04-M6
PL 08-G01
PL 10-G04
PL 04-G01
PL 08-G02
PL 12-G01
PL 04-G02
PL 08-G03
PL 12-G02
PL 06-G01
PL 08-G04
PL 12-G03
PL 06-G02
PL 10-G01
PL 12-G04
PL 06-G03
PL 10-G02


PLL 04-M5
PLL 06-G04
PLL 10-G03
PLL 04-M6
PLL 08-G01
PLL 10-G04
PLL 04-G01
PLL 08-G02
PLL 12-G01
PLL 04-G02
PLL 08-G03
PLL 12-G02
PLL 06-G01
PLL 08-G04
PLL 12-G03
PLL 06-G02
PLL 10-G01
PLL 12-G04
PLL 06-G03
PLL 10-G02


PB 04-M5
PB 06-G04
PB 10-G03
PB 04-M6
PB 08-G01
PB 10-G04
PB 04-G01
PB 08-G02
PB 12-G01
PB 04-G02
PB 08-G03
PB 12-G02
PB 06-G01
PB 08-G04
PB 12-G03
PB 06-G02
PB 10-G01
PB 12-G04
PB 06-G03
PB 10-G02


PX 04-M5
PX 06-G04
PX 10-G03
PX 04-M6
PX 08-G01
PX 10-G04
PX 04-G01
PX 08-G02
PX 12-G01
PX 04-G02
PX 08-G03
PX 12-G02
PX 06-G01
PX 08-G04
PX 12-G03
PX 06-G02
PX 10-G01
PX 12-G04
PX 06-G03
PX 10-G02